The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

While every room in the house is significant to individuals who are looking for a home and those who currently have one, the kitchen has been proven to be the most crucial selling point. But it’s no longer just about the counters.

Kitchen Appearance What-Is-A-Composite-Granite-Sink The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

As more types of kitchen sinks are employed, the kitchen sink is becoming increasingly vital. The composite granite sink is one of those unusual kitchen sinks that few people are aware of.

Composite granite is a solid chunk made of crushed quartz, stone dust, and acrylic resins that has been compacted. It is composed primarily of stone, with only 10% resin. This ratio, however, varies from maker to manufacturer.

It was created as a technique to make a long-lasting and environmentally sustainable countertop and sink. Composite granite is becoming increasingly popular. This is a newer addition to the composite granite family, and it may be used for both countertops and sinks.

What is Granite Composite Sink?

Kitchen Appearance The-value-of-composite-granite-sink The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

Composite granite is a solid chunk made of crushed quartz, stone dust, and acrylic resins that has been compacted. It is composed primarily of stone, with only 10% resin. This ratio, however, varies from maker to manufacturer.

It was created as a technique to make a long-lasting and environmentally sustainable countertop and sink. Composite granite is becoming increasingly popular. This is a newer addition to the composite granite family, and it may be used for both countertops and sinks.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Composite Granite Sink

Kitchen Appearance Pros-And-Cons-Of-A-Composite-Granite-Sink The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, that is a reality. When it comes to composite granite sinks, the list of benefits and drawbacks is straightforward. These are the most frequently reported benefits and drawbacks of composite granite kitchen sinks.

Advantage: Stain-Resistant

This is a benefit that isn’t up for debate. Granite composite is resistant to stains, unlike certain other types of countertops and sinks. There isn’t much area for stains to soak in because it’s non-porous and densely packed.

Not to mention that a good sealer is frequently applied to the top and shine, which helps to keep stains at bay. This is true of other natural stone sinks as well, but granite composite sinks go above and beyond in this regard.

Con: It’s not as heat resistant as it could be.

This one is up for debate. While some claim that their granite composite sinks have never burned and will never burn, others claim that they have experienced heat issues. They are designed to endure temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

They may not discolour or burn, but they have been known to crack when exposed to extreme heat. Leaving a blazing hot pan in a cold sink, for example, might cause the composite  granite kitchen sink to crack.

Advantage: Flexibility

Kitchen Appearance Rustic-Kitchen-in-Kansas-City The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

Granite composite sinks are available in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs. When it comes to granite sinks, only what is found naturally can be used. When it comes to steel or ceramic sinks, there aren’t many choices.

However, things are different when it comes to composite granite sinks. Because they’re composed of crushed stone, they may be painted or patterned in any colour or design, making them a one-of-a-kind sink.

Negative: It is not authentic.

Yes, if you want a genuine granite sink, this type of sink may not be the greatest option. The only way to acquire the look you want is to save money for a genuine granite sink. But, hopefully, you’re open to making concessions.

Some people even prefer the non-authentic composite granite over the actual thing in terms of appearance. Not everyone does, which is understandable given that granite is a sought-after material and one of the most beautiful sinks available.

Pro: Consistency

Granite is not a uniform material. It’s just the way it is. If homogeneity is vital to you, then composite granite is the way to go. It can appear neat and tidy rather than natural and untidy. Both of these outfits are fantastic.

It all depends on your personal style. The correct business can even create custom designs in composite granite, but most people are drawn to it because of its simple and pleasant uniform grain.

Weight is a disadvantage

Granite composite sinks are quite substantial. It’s not inherently heavier than granite, but it’s close, if not somewhat heavier. But the point is that because of this, installing them is more complex. They’re quite substantial.

This is important because they are difficult to transport and will require additional load-bearing support underneath them. As a result, you’ll need to hire a professional to construct a cabinet frame to support the sink.

Cost is an advantage

Natural granite sinks are normally more expensive than composite granite sinks. Actually, a lot less. However, this is merely a generalisation. Because the least costly granite sink is less expensive than the most expensive composite granite sink.

However, the “fake granite” will be less expensive than actual granite in the long run. This is only logical. While you won’t be able to acquire an exact reproduction of granite, composite granite sinks, which are less expensive, can get close.

Negative: Not forgiving

While some sinks are soft enough to drop something in without causing damage, composite granite sinks are not. If you drop something, you can have a crack in the dish as a result.

With the impact, the sinks should be alright, however there is no bounce or cushion. With the additional support required for the hefty sink, the bounce is completely removed. As a result, this is a double con!

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Composite Granite Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen Appearance Transitional-Farmhouse-Kitchen-Remodel The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

After installing a composite kitchen sink, this is most likely the first question that consumers have. Cleaning a granite composite sink differs from cleaning a ceramic or porcelain sink.

However, this does not imply that cleaning one is difficult. To ensure that your sink lasts a lifetime, you simply need to understand how to care for it and the procedures you must follow when cleaning it. Because that is a distinct possibility.

Chemicals should not be used

Chemicals should not be used on your composite granite sink. Although these sinks may sometimes handle some substances, it is far safer to avoid them completely. They have the ability to degrade the items in the sink and even leave stains.

Instead, we’ve discovered a few of methods for cleaning and maintaining your sink. We’ll go over which substances function well and are safe to use in more detail. But first, a point to keep in mind. Always clean the sink after each use.

Do you have a fuzzy film on your sink that appears and disappears at various times, or one that is persistent?

Kitchen Appearance Traditional-Kitchen-in-Indianapolis The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

Keeping your sink clean is a simple way to take care of this. This isn’t a one-time stain; it’s a recurring stain. Soap scum or mineral deposits are the most common causes. When you use or empty your sink, make sure to thoroughly clean it and wipe down the edges, leaving no inch unaffected by the scrubber.

Dish Soap should be used

The first item you should try to clean your sink with is dish soap. Warm water and dish soap are usually sufficient for cleaning composite granite sinks. This is the simplest and most cost-effective method for cleaning your sink. Make sure you use a lot of dish soap and, more importantly, that you wash it out after you’re finished. Because even this residue can generate soap scum, make sure you rinse it well.

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Vinegar And Baking Soda

If you’re having difficulties keeping your sink clean, try cleaning it once a week using baking soda and vinegar. This combination is capable of doing almost any task and may be the most powerful cleaning team in your home.

Baking soda acts as a scouring agent while the vinegar breaks down stains and minerals. Together, they can remove practically any stain from almost any composite granite sink.

Heat should be avoided when using high-resin sinks

Kitchen Appearance Contemporary-Kitchen-in-Houston The Value Of The Granite Composite Sink

This is another point of contention, although it is thought to be because it is dependent on the amount of resin in the sink. Heat is usually not an issue for companies who utilise 5 percent resin to 95 percent stone. Others, on the other hand, cannot claim the same.

This is due to the fact that sinks with 10-20% resin in their makeup will melt if exposed to heat. When the resin in the sink melts, it might cause the sink to come apart. So give the manufacturer a call and inquire about the amount of resin they use.

Sealing and polishing

Finally, this is a procedure that should be approached with caution because not all sealers are suitable for composite granite and not all may be used in the kitchen. As a result, make sure you use a decent sink and countertop sealant.

You can simply polish your sink if you don’t feel comfortable using a sealant. Although polishing takes some time, it can help to seal your granite and keep it smooth. It will, however, need to be done on a frequent basis.

Who knows which option is best for your kitchen sink?

It’s just you. Some people adore composite granite, while others prefer to replace it as soon as possible.

It all depends on what you’re looking for in the first place. So do your study before purchasing a sink to ensure that you are purchasing what is best for you and not what is best for someone else. Your sink has the potential to be a selling point, but you must first convince yourself that it is.

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